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Locum Tenens Coverage

ENT Surgery Solutions excels in providing Otolaryngology (ENT) locum tenens coverage ensuring seamless healthcare delivery even in the face of unforeseen staffing challenges. We specialize in filling unexpected gaps in coverage, managing planned leaves, and offering additional support during recruitment phases. Our highly qualified and experienced ENT surgeons are ready to step in, ensuring that patient care remains uninterrupted and of the highest quality. This flexible coverage not only maintains continuity in critical surgical services but also supports the hospital's operational stability, allowing for smooth transitions during periods of staff changes or enhancement. Whether it's a sudden vacancy or a strategic move to bolster a growing department, our locum tenens service is a reliable solution for maintaining excellence in specialized ENT surgical care.


Surgical Service Lines

We specialize in introducing both full-time and part-time ENT surgical service lines to hospitals and health systems. Our services not only fill critical gaps in healthcare provision but also significantly enhance the value these specialties bring to the community and the financial health of the hospital system. By ensuring continuous and comprehensive coverage across various surgical fields, we help in attracting a broader patient base, increasing the hospital's service offerings, and ultimately contributing to both community health and the hospital's financial stability. This strategic expansion of surgical services also aids in elevating the hospital's reputation as a center of excellence in diverse surgical care, further attracting top-tier medical talent and patients seeking specialized treatments.


Call Coverage Assistance

Providing flexible call coverage for hospital-employed ENT surgeons, our service focuses on enhancing work-life balance. We offer weekend and week-long coverage options, significantly aiding hospitals in surgeon recruitment and retention. This approach not only supports Ears, Nose and Throat surgeon well-being but also makes surgical positions more appealing, particularly in smaller practices with demanding on-call duties. 


Working With the Best

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Jill M., Children's Hospital of Atlanta

"ENT Surgery Solutions has been have been fantastic partners in filling our pediatric ENT needs. They are thorough yet expeditious to connect great surgeons to the specific need."

Judy C., SSM Health Saint Louis

"Working with ENT Surgery Solutions has been wonderful. They have delivered as promised, sent us outstanding candidates and have truly been a partner to our busy practice."

Gopi Shah, MD


"I chose to work with because they are extremely knowledgeable, approachable, honest, and communicate clearly. I truly feel they have my best interest at hand. They are my administrative support who I could not do without."

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