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Short-term assistance for employed practices

Hospital employed ENT practices are increasingly common.  We provide intermittent weekend or weeklong coverage so that hospital employed ENTs are able to spend much needed time for relaxation. Our services have also been an excellent recruitment tool for hospitals working to recruit ENT surgeons who may be nervous about call coverage in a small practice. 

Coverage for single specialty practices 

Private practice is rewarding, but the overhead is present whether the otolaryngologist is or not. We have several clients who utilize our services to cover their single specialty practices while away from the office for vacation or medical leave.  Given the billing rules allowing for locums billing in place of the missing physician for medicare and many insurance companies the use of our physicians is a practical way to cover overhead while away from the practice. 

Long-term coverage for hospitals & health systems

We are able to provide full-time service coverage to hospitals and health systems which have no present ENT surgery coverage. We assist with selection of necessary clinic equipment and provide a steady rotation of outstanding Otolaryngologists for continuous clinic, operating room, and emergency room coverage.  This service provides a solid base for successful recruitment efforts as potential candidates are able to see a functioning clinic and call coverage operation. 


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