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We are always happy to speak with outstanding board certified Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgeons interested in joining our team. 
Whether you are serving in the military and looking to earn more income while taking mandatory leave, desiring to scale back your practice and work around your schedule, or are a recent residency or fellowship graduate looking for a unique, quality of life focused position please contact us to hear about our current opportunities. 

How it works

Once our physicians find a position in which they are interested, the ENT Surgery Solutions, LLC staff assists with licensing and credentialing; arranges lodging and transportation; and provides medical malpractice insurance coverage free of charge. 


We provide prompt payment (usually within 5 business days of assignment completion) and will provide you with an independent contractor 1099-MISC at the end of the tax year. 

We make it as simple as possible for our physicians so that they may focus solely on providing care during the assignment.


These positions are personally vetted by our otolaryngology owner.  We know what makes a job assignment fulfilling and rewarding. We're looking for great opportunities for our best ENT colleagues...not just trying to place a warm body in a difficult job. 


We provide the best otolaryngologists for the best jobs.  

Who we are

We are Otolaryngologists. We pack noses, secure airways, remove tonsils, dissect necks, remove cancer, and restore hearing.  This is what makes our locums firm, ENT Surgery Solutions, LLC, unique.  Not only do we specialize only in ENT locums positions, but the founder is a board certified Otolaryngologists.  We are the only otolaryngology specific locums company.  We value our profession and our colleagues and believe locums work can provide unmatched financial resources and quality of life opportunities.  


Our goal is to place only the best Otolaryngologists in only the best locums positions. We personally evaluate each opportunity to ensure that workload expectations are reasonable, appropriate equipment is provided, and time is given to enjoy the area of assignment.

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