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Are you a physician thinking about working locum tenens? Here are 5 questions to ask a locums firm.

What kind of support do you provide to locum tenens physicians during


This question will give you an idea of how much support the company

provides to its physicians. Ideally, you want to work with a company

that has a team of people to help with logistics and administrative


Can you tell me more about the types of assignments you typically offer?

This question will help you understand the types of assignments the

company has available, such as the locations, duration, and

specialties. This can help you decide if they have the kind of

assignments that you are interested in.

How do you handle malpractice insurance and liability coverage for

your locum tenens physicians?

This is an important question as you want to be sure you have adequate

malpractice insurance and liability coverage during your locum tenens


Are you a member of NALTO (National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations)?

Being a member of NALTO indicates that the locum tenens company

adheres to ethical and professional standards, which can give you

confidence in working with them.

How do you handle travel and lodging arrangements for locum tenens physicians?

This question will give you an idea of how the company handles

logistics such as travel and lodging arrangements during assignments.

This can help you understand what to expect during an assignment and

if there are any additional costs to consider.

About the Author: Mark C. Royer, MD, MBA, is an Otolaryngologist and medical director at While employed at a hospital, Dr. Royer and his Wife, Allison (also an ENT surgeon) experienced an overwhelming call burden and began using locums as a solution to this challenge. Their experience led to the creation of, a locum tenens company addressing the unique needs of

physicians and hospitals and health systems. For more information,

please contact them at or visit their website at

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