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ENT Surgery Soutions | ENT locums
Founded in 2013 by an Otolaryngologist, we are the nationwide leader in ENT locums. 

We are an Otolaryngology specific staffing company owned and operated by a Board Certified Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgeon. All positions are carefully vetted to ensure a great experience for our physicians. Our Otolaryngologists are highly regarded for their clinical competence, patient satisfaction, and respect toward staff and referring physicians. 

A better way

Our friends were hardworking , conscientious, & loved by their patients, but they were always on call...

They had taken hospital employed otolaryngology jobs, but a couple years in they were understandably burning out.  There was simply no break from the ER call, hospital consults, and practice needs. Their hospitals recognized that intermittent use of locums would improve patient satisfaction (no cancelled clinics due to ER consult), improve staff morale, and prevent the very expensive prospect of losing their physicians.  We offered to assist with coverage and ENT Surgery Solutions, LLC was started.  Our services have grown because our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide value to the hospital and physicians through our networking and knowledge of our (relatively) small surgical subspecialty.  We provide only the best ENTs to cover only the best positions while paying our ENTs an average of 20% more and charging our hospitals 20% less.  

a niche company

Our relatively small size and specialty-specific staffing allows us to maximize value for our clients and physicians while providing personalized service. We are founded and operated by a Board Certified Otolaryngologist who specialize in providing Otolaryngology-specific locum tenens staffing.  Our company is dedicated to providing Otolaryngologists high quality locums experiences across the country and providing hospitals, health systems, and Otolaryngology practices with top-notch, hand-selected Otolaryngologists for their temporary staffing needs.


Otolaryngology is an extremely lucrative service line and a specialty offering necessary to provide the full breadth of healthcare in a community.  We work with a wide variety of practice types to ensure successful and thriving otolaryngology practices and offerings.   We provide intermittent call coverage for small employed groups (1-2 ENTs), will see clinic patients for single specialty groups to help manage overhead while a partner is travelling or taking leave, and provide long-term staffing for large healthcare organizations. Our staff specializes and assists in licensing and credentialing all of our contracted physicians. 

did you know?

The services of our locums physicians are billable.  Whether seeing a consult, performing a surgery, or seeing a routine clinic patient if an ENT Surgery Solutions, LLC placed ENT is covering for a physician not practicing that day (due to vacation, illness, etc) the value of the service is usually fully billable by the practice or healthcare

organization.* Read more about using the Q6 modifier for medicare locums billing here. 



*subject to CMS guidelines and to individual payor contracts 

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